What is AP Workshop


        This online AP Workshop, designed to help students boost their AP Chinese scores, is developed jointly by Nan Hai
Chinese Language Education and Research Center, and Yeeha Mandarin. Presented here is the workshop’s core component:
8 sets of full length practice tests in simulation of the actual AP tests both in terms of test formats and difficulty levels.
Also under construction are special strategies and techniques as well as accompanying exercises targeted at each and every
individual test area.
        Our objective is to provide students with comprehensive and in-depth training in each language area and enhance their
Chinese in all four language proficiency skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. All tests and exercises in this online AP
Workshop are in exact simulation of the actual AP examinations. By practicing them, students will be able to familiarize
themselves with the actual tests, accumulate experiences and build up their confidences in taking the actual tests.

What is AP Chinese Language and Culture course and exam?

        The AP Chinese Language and Culture course and exam are an important step in a commitment by the College Board to further multiculturalism and multilingualism in secondary school education. The AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam is approximately two hours and 15 minutes in length. It assesses Interpersonal, Interpretive, and Presentational communication skills in Mandarin Chinese, along with knowledge of Chinese culture.

Features of AP Workshop

                The workshop provides full simulated real exam environment of the AP Chinese Test. Students will be able to get         familiar with the different types of test and how the actual test works. It also determines the Chinese level of students         taking the AP simulation test. The simulated exam provides rich content exercises both in standard and multimedia type         exam.

                Grades are automatically generated after each mock test. Teachers can post correction to the student’s answer in         the test. From the student’s grades, experts and teachers will be able to determine the student’s Chinese level and         assess them on the particular area that they need to improve and to further study their Chinese language learning in         speaking, writing, reading and listening.

                Students will be presented with a learning program that teachers carefully designed according to the specific area         that they need to improve. This program is based in the Chinese level and scores of the student from the simulated         exam. The AP curriculum-based enhancement program may either focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing         subjects. Students will have to master the practice test so that they can achieve higher scores

                AP Chinese Tutorial focuses on improving student’s ability in all aspects: speaking, listening, reading, writing, as well         as familiarity with the Chinese culture. Students will have one-on-one or group live lessons from professional Chinese         teachers. Teachers will conduct personalized online tutoring on specific language learning areas that need to be         improved. Chinese teachers will work around the student’s particular strengths and weaknesses to ensure that they will         get the best test score possible.