Achieve High AP Chinese Scores!

      This online AP Workshop, designed to help students boost their AP Chinese scores, is developed
jointly by Nan Hai Chinese Language Education and Research Center, and Yeeha Mandarin. Presented
here is the workshop’s core component: 8 sets of full length practice tests in simulation of the actual
AP tests both in terms of test formats and difficulty levels, which were compiled by two teachers:
Bih-hsya and Sunny X. Yu. Also under construction are special strategies and techniques as well as
accompanying exercises targeted at each and every individual test area.

Online AP Chinese Simulated Tests

      Want to feel comfortable and score
high in your AP Chinese Test? Take the
"Online AP Chinese Simulated Tests"! Ideal
for self-preparation and crash AP Chinese
courses, this product features: 8 full sets of exam questions, in exact simulation of the
actual tests in content, format, difficulty
level and time frame.
Price for an online copy: US$29.95

     * Online Version is good for one year only
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